Number Devil

This blog post is inspired by another blog post – Number Devil. I really enjoyed reading the book “The Number Devil”. A lot of interesting mathematical concepts are explained in very friendly way – a boy named Robert who always dreams of fishes and ants and falling into a hole suddenly starts dreaming of numbers […]

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Fermat’s Last Theorem

Today is world book day, so I am compiling the story of Fermat’s last theorem as it’s described in the book Fermat’s Last Theorem written by Simon Singh. I loved the way he has written the book. With every single chapter you come closer and closer to the story of final proof. According to Fermat’s […]

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To celebrate the new year, many posts have been written to share the properties of number . And its been pointed out that since its a semi-prime number (a natural number that is product of two prime numbers) its somewhat less interesting. But still there are lots of beautiful properties and in this blog post […]

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There are 88 official constellations according to International Astronomical Union. Recently 8 unofficial constellations were invented by the University of Birmingham UK in partnership with The Big Bang Fair. All eight constellations can be seen here. I am only including pictures of some constellations from the Twitter profile of University of Birmingham Observatory.   Five days ago […]

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Sudoku. A puzzle that many newspapers publish everyday. And here is one from today’s newspaper. Its a 9×9 square with six 3×3 square grids. You have to fill the numbers 1 to 9 in each row (horizontal) and column (longitudinal) and in each 3×3 square only once.[1] Sudoku is related to the Latin Square. Which […]

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The stars we see in the night sky are just a small part of the billions of stars in our galaxy. Stars are formed when the gas molecules in the interstellar (between stars) medium are pulled towards one another due to gravitational attraction. Thus the density and pressure increases and so does the temperature. As the […]

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For the first time collision of two neutron stars has been detected by LIGO and simultaneously confirmed by lots of ground based telescope. The telescopes observed a faint glow of the gamma ray burst. The signal has been named GW170817. And now it has become the first event which has been seen in Gravitational waves […]

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