We all love meteor showers! and the most famous “Perseid meteor shower” is going to outshine our night sky this week… it starts from 17th July and ends on 24th August. but as stargazers say, “it peaks around August 9‑13”.

Our earth orbits around sun and whenever it passes through the path of a comet then the debris (small particles like grain of sand or even smaller ) left by the comet, enters our planet’s atmosphere and sparkles the night sky. and the comet which creates this path is called the parent body of the meteor shower.


But when the parent comet returns and passes through the inner solar system, meteor showers are really impressive. You can see hundreds of meteors per hour. And then these events are called meteor storms.

The dust particles which cause Perseid meteor shower are part of comet SWIFT‑TUTTLE, named after its discoverer LEWIS SWIFT and was last seen in 1992.

It returns after every 133 years and will come again in 2125!


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