Who would not like to go to a place, which is filled with lots of bees and butterflies, flowers and birds!
I got such an opportunity of visiting the forest department in our city last week with my sister. Weather was not clear in morning. So I was expecting to see very few butterflies, as butterflies need an ideal body temperature of about 30 degree Celsius to fly.
But as we approached our destination, it got little warmer (Enough for a buttery to warm up its flight muscles!).
We saw lots of sections of different plants and their names were written on a board with their special properties.


Butterflies were flying all around us! Green plants were attracting the butterflies and bees with their colorful bright flowers.

common crow butterfly

As butterflies catch the scent and come to the flowers to sip the sweet juicy nectar, they also take away the pollen from the flowers.

Striped Tiger Butterfly

Grasshoppers and caterpillars were chewing the fresh green leaves. And there was also a separate section of touch‑me‑not (Chui-Mui) flower plants! I was just stumped when I saw them.

Chui Mui Plants (Mimosa Pudica)

I spent some time just touching its leaves and seeing the way it reacts. it was really an awesome day.

I would also like to share an interesting thing I discovered about butterflies, about a month ago.

When you touch a butterfly you will see some dust particles glued on your fingers. It’s like when you rub a painted wall, your fingers get colored. But butterflies are not painted by the BUTTERFLY FAIRIES! So I was wondering what this dust is, that’s glued on my skin.

I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful video by DESTIN of smarter every day. And I got to know that butterfly wings are made of tiny scales, like the tiles on a floor. Butterflies and moth belong to the order Lepidoptera meaning “scaly wing” and the dust on my fingers was actually the scales of butterfly.

Here are some beautiful images captured by DESTIN.

Smarter Every Day
Smarter Every Day

(You can see the beautiful video made by DESTIN :

The Magic of Butterfly Scales – Part 1 – Smarter Every Day 104

And don’t forget to see the next part of the video, it will blow your mind!

Here is another awesome video! Butterfly Farming IS AMAZING – (Full Life Cycle)


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