It was my another day on this planet. in morning my mom gave me a glass of green juice. it was really very sweet. I sipped it as slowly as possible, and finished it somehow.

Then I saw a black ant wandering on my table, I thought she is trying to climb on my glass, to drink the juice drops on the sides of it. (I said she because on average almost every ant we ever encounter is female). so I dropped little juice on the table but it refused to drink.

As I touched, it began to run faster and reached at the top of the glass. And tried to sip the drops by bending inside the glass, I feared that she will fell inside it. So to help her I kept the drops on the corners and as she sipped the juice, its end part began to swell with the liquid.


I began to concentrate in my book which I was reading. But again I saw that ant wandering as it was searching something, I thought she is trying to find her family and friends so I kept it where there were few other ants.

And then I saw there was a line of ants, I followed the line and saw they were going into a tiny hole near the window and when I followed the line backwards I ended at the corner of the room, where there were some pieces of chocolate.

The pieces were coming to end and there was still little juice inside the glass so I dropped it near the window in the middle of their line and a second drop on the side of it.

Ants begin to come one by one. they were sipping the drop which was in the middle of their line but no one was paying attention to the second drop.


But as the crowd around the bigger drop began to increase ants begin to come to the second drop.

And soon the feast was over!

Since humans are pattern recognizing animals so I drew a curve under the two drops to make it look like a smiling face. Now you can see in the collage below how its face is changing!


Here is another story from my memory box ! … I had seen lots of tiny white insects on our flower plants. Ants were wandering around them. I wondered why they are disturbing them.


Then I got to know that those insects are aphids or plant lice. And insects like aphids (plant lice) and others serve ants a sweet juice. Ants pat on the aphids and as they secrete the sweet liquid called “honeydew” they swallow it.

Ant and Aphid

(Here is a close up picture of it, also I found a beautiful video — ants and aphids (close‑up)( showing ant‑aphid relationship.

Honeydew (secretion)

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