Winter season is about to come in Northern Hemisphere and trees have started preparation by shedding their leaves.

In winters night sky is full of stars. I have waited really long for those moments when I and my sister used to watch stars for hours.

Except cloudy nights, lots of stars are visible these days. At 8PM you can see summer triangle (an asterism OR collection of stars as seen from earth) just above your head. The three stars which make this triangle are named : Vega, Deneb and Altair. Vega is part of LYRA constellation, Deneb is at the end of CYGNUS constellation and Altair is in AQUILA constellation.


I watched a beautiful movie in my childhood “BARBIE OF SWAN LAKE in which Barbie (as Odette) tells the story of a swan to her sister and points to the swan in the sky, which is actually CYGNUS (swan) CONSTELLATION.


I used to sit on chair with a star chart and try to locate constellations. It was really hard for me when I was first searching the three stars of summer triangle in sky. But when I recognized some patterns in the night sky, it became easy to see that particular shape moving across the sky.

But we know that stars do not move and as Phil Plait have said in one of his astronomy crash courses

–“Remember, the sky’s motion is a reflection of earth’s motion.”


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