I started watching butterflies since last spring. And at that time, I used to become very excited by seeing even a single butterfly. To see them more closely I used to chase them with my sister. We watched many beautiful butterflies, but our favorite was plain tiger.

My first picture of Plain Tiger Butterfly

I really wanted to see how this beautiful creature is made. And as time passed we became familiar with the caterpillar of the butterfly and the specific plants they lay their eggs. One of the foodplants of plain tiger butterfly is Calotropis gigantea (Crown flower). Even though it’s very poisonous for humans, many caterpillars grow by munching its leaves.

Crown Flower

Now spring has arrived again! And I decided to bring the same plant but never got time to fulfill my dream. Then from nowhere that plant grew in our flower‑pot. And I became really excited when I saw it. And now I just had to wait for its leaves to grow enough so that I could keep the caterpillar on it. But it took really long time until there were four or five leaves on it.

One day I was just watching the flowers and I saw a caterpillar on that small “crwon flower” plant. It was the caterpillar of plain tiger butterfly!

It got bigger and bigger as it munched more and more leaves. And then the day came when there was only one leaf left on the plant.

Caterpillar of plain tiger butterfly

So I decided to bring it to another plant in our colony which has lots of leaves. And the very next day (yesterday) in the morning, while going for a walk with my sister I saw it had taken position for the final stage to become a butterfly.

Caterpillar: getting ready to transform into pupa

After a long time we were going for a nature‑walk! And during our walk we saw a beautiful butterfly, which had just come out of its pupa. It was so beautiful; there were so many colors on its wings! I had never seen a butterfly this beautiful.

Common Jezebel

After an hour when we came back, the caterpillar was totally transformed. My sister refused to believe that it was the same caterpillar we saw one hour ago.

Pupa of plain tiger butterfly

Now we are waiting for the day when the beautiful butterfly will come out…


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