Almost all of us love butterflies because of their beautiful colors and smooth flights. But since our eyes admire the color red more than brown, we don’t have much admiration for other similar beautiful creatures named moths. It’s said that there are 160000 species of moths while only 17500 of butterflies. And more interesting fact is that moths came on earth before butterflies.

A beautiful Owl Moth (Brahmaea wallichii)  –  Captured by my papa on 4th July, 2010 🙂

Moths are beautiful but those which are seen in our homes are normally brown and many of them are very small. For me the most different and beautiful part of moths is their antennae.

Atlas moth
Atlas Moth with its combed antennae – ImageCredit:

I have seen many butterflies and moths. They look magical when you first see them and its really a beautiful experience to watch their life cycle . But how this process (metamorphosis) evolved, why they have to go through so many different stages?

It’s estimated that 65 percent of all animal species on earth grow by metamorphosis. Many undergo incomplete metamorphosis too.

Life cycle of Common Lime butterfly
Life Cycle of Common Lime Butterfly – the butterfly came out in the morning of 4th September, 2015 🙂

Many mysteries are yet to be solved, but these beautiful creatures will keep making us happy by their beautiful colors and smooth flights.

Common grass yellow butterfly

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