Rainy Day

It was a holiday. So I got the advantage of taking an afternoon nap. But after half an hour, I woke up to hear the voice of heavy rain from my window. I suddenly remembered my clothes must have been wet till now. But after coming out of the room, I saw them hanging in the lobby. So I thanked mommy for it.

After a long time it was raining so heavily. I started thinking how would it look like from space. There will be a lot of clouds over Haldwani right now. And I thought how much area these clouds must be covering? It’s for sure that not all of Uttarakhand will be experiencing rain. Are there other places on earth where it would be raining right now? Then out of the blue many questions flooded in my mind. How high these clouds will be? I remembered reading in a science activity book as a child that we can calculate the amount of rain in our region.

So the first thing I wanted to do was to measure the amount of rain. So I started reading about how it can be done at home. And while I was doing this the rain started slowing down. And when I finished reading some articles and went upstairs with the bottle, it was only drizzling. The time was 3:30 PM.

So I kept it there. And it again started raining at nearly 5:25 PM. Now I only have to check the water level after 24 hours. So I will update the post tomorrow.

On this website I saw how much clouds were over my city. It also showed at the same time the data for all other countries on this planet.



Update: 22nd September

I kept the bottle for 24 hrs. And using the formula from this website:

Volume of rainfall/ Area of the bottle I got 50 mm which indicates the depth of rainfall. In today’s newspaper I got the data to be 55mm. So I am almost right. Another thing that caught my attention was, the rainfall is believed to increase 70 to 75mm for today.


It’s not very comforting to write about everything you do. But now I think it’s still somewhat convincing to write because I will not be able to remember everything.

Also, for me telling someone about these things is very different from writing them in words. So these blog-posts are like time capsules in which I keep some of my favourite memories and works.



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