Rubik’s Cube

Erno Rubik, the inventor of cube or Rubik’s cube never thought that his cube will become so famous one day.

Later, Erno Rubik and others made similar puzzles which I would love to have in my hand in future!

Wikimedia Commons

There are many ways you can arrange a cube. But the correct arrangement is just one.

Surprisingly when Rubik first designed his cube it took him a month to understand and solve it fully. As it came into market many methods were invented around the world. And now it has been proved that any scrambled cube can be solved in just 20 moves!


I wanted to know how I can solve it so I asked Google. And found a Youtube channel.

It took a lot of time to solve all three layers of the Rubik’s cube. You can see the progress in the following pictures.

turning the cube


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