There are 88 official constellations according to International Astronomical Union.

Recently 8 unofficial constellations were invented by the University of Birmingham UK in partnership with The Big Bang Fair.

The Hindu 14-12-2017

All eight constellations can be seen here.

I am only including pictures of some constellations from the Twitter profile of University of Birmingham Observatory.

Harry Potter’s glasses and his lightening bolt mark : UoB Observatory
Paddington, a fictional character from the books written by Michael Bond. Paddington’s Boots : UoB Observatory


Five days ago when I went to see the night sky, it was very clear. I watched the Orion constellation and Pleiades star cluster after a long time.

But due to bad weather we were not able to watch the Geminid meteor shower yesterday.

Even though these pictures are giving a sense of how Harry Potter’s glasses or Paddington’s boots can be seen, I have to wait to see them in a real sky. Because even today the sky is not clear so I can only imagine how these constellations will look like!

Orion and Gemini constellations already look very big in sky. I wonder how the Peddington’s Boots will look like!



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